What is Disk Defragment?

Disk Defragment also called file fragment forms over time when you save, change, or delete files. That is because the documents are saved to the different parts of the entire disk, rather than continuously stored in the disk. Over time, both the file and the hard disk become fragmented. Generally, the file fragment will not cause problems, but too much file fragment will take more time to read document, which can cause system performance degradation. Then your computer slows down as it has to search for many different places to open a file.

Why Choose Defrag Winner?

Defrag Winner is designed for fast optimization. It provides a fast, comprehensive solution to disk defragmentation, which also offers very detailed reporting before and after cleaning up a disk. By using Defrag Winner, you no longer need to worry about the fragmentation status of your hard disk. Moreover, this software will give you a complete diagnosis of your current hard drives, then defragment and speed up disk performance in minutes by one-click.

What does the Disk Defragment Caused?

Every time you open a file, the hard drive needs to read and merge the separate fragments, which may cause various annoying problems, such as slow speed, crashing, shutdown, error message or deadlock, it can even shorten the disk life span.

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About Defrag Winner

Defrag Winner is designed for fast optimization.

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  • File Size: 2.32 MB
  • Operating System: Windows 2003/XP/ Vista/7/8/10
  • Release Date: Jul. 30, 2018

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Hard disks are used to store data in chunks called sectors. The surface of the disks can be imagined as rings, each ring can be imagined as pie-slice, and a sector is one pie-slice on one ring. Each sector holds a fixed amount of data, such as 512 bytes.

However, hard disks are very slow in computer terms. When you open a file, it needs to read and merge the separate fragments first. Every time you load a new program or a file onto the disk, it may be stored in hundreds of these scattered pockets of space. When the computer tries to load the scattered pieces, the disk's arm has to search all over the surface. It takes forever for the arm to move and a sector to spin into place.

Defrag Winner is typically designed to solve this problem which occurs because of the way hard disks store data. The task of Defrag Winner is to move all the files in order that every file is stored on sequential sectors on sequential rings of the disk. It can improve the file access speed by completely and thoroughly defragging hard disk. Besides, with putting disperse files into continuous space of the hard disk, Defrag Winner not only enhances the file access speed but let your computer work efficiently.


After long time using, why my pc became slower and slower, even if I have tried many kinds of software in order to optimize the system, such as spyware software, anti-virus software...However, there seems nothing wrong with it. What's the matter on earth?


There must exist fragmentation on your disk which is caused by over time creating and deleting files, downloading programs or uninstalling software. However, these files are saved in the first place where available. Then the subsequent files and folders are saved in piece. The computer's performance of input and output files will be slower and slower with the fragmentation becomes more and more.


The solution to the problem is Defrag Winner. Using Defrag Winner can help you to optimize your PC performance. It is extremely simple to use, and it does not require any analysis phase which can help you get the maximum performance of your computer.

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